Welcome to Freestate Electrical Construction!

As we begin our 30th year of operation, we look back on the previous 25 years recognizing the events that have contributed to our company consistently performing at the highest level of service which our valued customers have come to recognize and expect.


It begins with our dedicated and committed office and field teams which are the core of Freestate Electrical Construction. Many of these outstanding teams have worked for the company since it’s inception in 1984.


Our project management group is one of the more experienced in the industry with nearly 225 years of combined electrical construction expertise and 150 of those years being specifically in project management. This dedication has resulted in continuous employment for over 300 electricians for many years.


Our material and equipment suppliers have consistently made it possible for us to perform at the high levels of service we are known for in the industry. Additionally, our close long-term relationships with our general contracting partners, both at the office and at the field level, will help us move forward as we strive to foster new relationships with suppliers and contractors. This, combined with our established customer base, will propel us to continued success in the next 25 years.